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Hardware Security




Real-time Intelligent System Design for Secured Digital Communication

Develop FPGA prototypes as gateways of Tx and Rx of the CPS to run intensive and high throughput architectures of the crypto algorithms

Dr. M. Asan Basiri,

Assistant Professor

IIITDM, Kurnool

Design and Implementation of a Secure Scan Test Architecture      to Counter Scan-based Side-channel Attacks

Development of a secure scan Design-for-Test (DfT) architecture for protecting cryptographic chips against scan-based side-channel attacks

Dr. Satyadev Ahlawat,

Assistant Professor

 IIT Jammu

Neuro-memristive PUF for Biometric Sensing Chip

Develop a lightweight hardware-based biometric system using CMOS image sensor nodes integrated with low-power analog neuro-memristive circuits & a Physical Unclonable Function  generator

Dr. A.P. James,


 IIT Jammu

A fault attack resistant crypto-accelerator for ultra-lightweight encryption protocols of GIFT family in RISC-V architecture

Implement RISC-based cryptographic accelerator design of Gift family of cipher

Dr. Bodhisatwa Mazumdar,

Assistant Professor

 IIT Indore