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C3ihub is working closely with government sector to develop Cyber Security Capability Maturity Models (CSCMM) for critical sectors, which can help organizations of the sectors to evaluate and make improvements to the implementation and management of cyber security practices associated with the information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) assets and the environments in which they operate. 

  1. Research the Cyber Security Capability Maturity (CSCM) models for various critical sectors (power and energy, government, health, BFSI, telecom, transport, strategic enterprises etc.) around the world and prepare a document synthesizing the theoretical and practical best practices.  

  1. Develop sector specific CSCM models for specific sectors and specific to Indian threat landscape, sector specific technology usage, and also risk profiles specific to sectors. 

  1. Develop models for governance of administering CSCM assessment, scoring and development of measures for score improvement and data governance. 

  1. Develop a secure CSCM system with web-based and automated information collection, evaluation and analysis capabilities for government agency to administer the CSCM assessment and suggest measures to improve the cyber security posture of organisations in different sectors. 

  1. Extend the analytical capabilities of the CSCM system to enable government agency to carry out sectoral/ cross-sectoral analysis of cyber security capability and maturity

Indian Ports Association
Bharat Electronics