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CPS Security













Cloud based Smart Video Surveillance System with Application Layer Cyber Physical Systems Security

Devise efficient video coding for storage of the surveillance video data
Protect the video content in real-time scenario

Dr. Arup Kumar Pal,

Associate Professor

IIT(ISM), Dhanbad

Predictor and Analyzer of Security Threats (PAST): A model based risk analysis framework for critical interconnected infrastructures

Design of resilient  infrastructures through risk-based decision analysis tool

Dr. Rajesh Kumar,

Assistant Professor

BITS, Pilani

Development of Cognitive Cyber-Physical System(C2PS) testbed

Build a scalable and modular architecture for a large-channel count testbed

Dr. Sandeep K Yadav,

Associate Professor

IIT Jodhpur

Mitigation of cyber attacks in power system using non-linear control system design

Formulation of Non-linear control technique for estimation and alleviation of cyber attacks on Power system

Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote,

Assistant Professor

IIT Roorkee

Design and Implementation of Lightweight Key Management Protocol for Securing Industrial Control Systems: IoT as the Use case

Design robust, verifiable and lightweight group key management scheme for IoT environment

Dr Appala Naidu Tentu,

Assistant Professor

C R Rao Inst., UoH

Design and development of Cyber-secured Smart Power interface for Energy-Local area network (E-LAN)

Design and develop a cyber-secured bidirectional power converter as a smart node operating within E-LAN

Dr Santosh K Singh ,

Associate Professor

IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Bot Prevention in Cyber  Physical Systems

Develop a full-fledged lightweight security system for Cyber physical systems (CPS)

Dr. Neelam Dayal, Assistant Professor


Risk Averse Resilience Framework for Critical Infrastructure Security

Development of Secure and Robust System Architecture based on NIST guidelines for CI-CPS and its implementation at device level

Dr. O.P. Vyas  Professor


Detecting Collusion and Data Manipulation Attacks in Smart-Grid Networks

Design and development of intrusion detection system to identify cyber attacks against Smart-Grid infrastructure

Dr. Neminath Hubballi,

Associate Professor

IIT Indore

Cyber-Security of Critical Infrastructure: National-Level Medical Grid System


Dr. P. K. Roy,

Associate Professor

IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Malware Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques for Industrial Control Systems


Dr. Aditya Trivedi,



Design and Implementation of Secure Service and Attribute-based Authorization Model in Dynamic and Constrained-specific IoT Environment


Dr. Uday Pratap Rao,

Assistant Professor

S. V. NIT, Surat