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S.N.                  Name of the Startup                                                                                    Description
1 Algoritha They are building Anti-Ransomware tool and it detects and stop the ransomware using ML (No Seeding time required), even before it starts encrypting any critical files using application Behaviour and Process analysis. 
2 Bespoke Health Services India’s first Integrated cyber and physical security systems for robotic / robot manufacturing company.
3 Infinicue Solutions Their solution “Salvus SeQUr” holds a patent granted by the Indian Patent Office, which is designed and developed to have a inclusive approach, where the users also have the control on the “utility of their sensitive personal data”. The solution is one of its kind of Pre Authentication - a “Automated Multi-Device Authentication” solution, which is event driven with Real-time Geo-location of the event, to protect the utility of the sensitive personal data and prevent monetary losses to the Financial Institutions and the customers of the Financial Institutions 
4 Resonant Electronics They want to build up a robust indigenous secure IoT platform which comprises of an IoT Hardware & OS. -cube is encrypted, efficient & scalable it can be installed inside a DMZ, on a private network within industrial premises (optionally public cloud network also). It Enables stitching SCADA/PLC/DCS/Metering/Sensors and any other assets into i-cube
5 TigO's Secure Hardware Solutions To build up a secure physical hardware crypto product using latest VLSI technology with standard crypto-algorithms while testing with FPGA devices.  
6 Kodeleaf Crime Investigation Management System that includes Complete operational law enforcement platform that provides data management, advanced analytics and operational solutions. For gathering and managing intelligence, conducting complex investigations, and improving investigative processes and workflows.
7 NapID Cybersec NapID is a globally patent published cyber security product, which secures the customers and employees user ids & payment credentials in SLEEP MODE and make it available only for its owner
8 Cybernexa CyLock is a token-less, advanced Out-of-Band Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which provides strong authentication & authorization mechanism using end users mobile devices. Integrates and protects e-Services including web-logins, transactions, O365, remote access, cloud etc
9 Cyethack Cyethack Solutions provides CyNET [Cyethack Network Threat Intelligence] tools and services like penetration testing of Cyber physical system, web application, android / iOS applications, Network Security Solution. Their Network Threat Intelligence tool continuous monitors the Network using Machine-Learning model to Anomalies activities in Network.
10 DA Algorithm They are building NextGen Smart Threat intelligence Platform which will use multi-linguistic data feeds with AI based workflow with real time tracking of threats and updation on the dashboard. With readily available API for automated, hassle-free integration with any SOC application, RPA powered automated smart Learning of 3rd party threats intelligence, Contextual and forensic pattern view of incidents, comprehensive monitoring and detection of Brand related frauds with vulnerability assessment 
11 Aerosys Aviation They use advanced Surveying, Mapping and Inspections Techniques to acquire, classify, analyze and report data for various clients use cases. And also provide actionable aerial intelligence
12 CloudOptimo CloudOptimo's platform helps reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud infrastructure upto 90% using Cloud Provider's excess capacity. Their unique security rule engine automates detection of security gaps continuously and scans against 600+ rules.
13 Arishti Info Labs Their flagship product "Dorje" is agentless device security platform which discovers devices, tracks behavior, detects threats, and takes action to protect your Industrial Environment & Control System
14 Threat Guardians The goal of Threat Guardians is to prepare IT Professionals, Security Engineers, and Security Operations Centers (SOC) to proactively detect, analyze, and respond to the evolving cybersecurity threats and incidents through real-world experiences