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AI/ML & Security





Development of Machine Learning Models Resistant to Cyber Physical Attacks

Development of Generative Adversarial Neural Network (GAN) based algorithm for a robust and Attack resistive inference Model

Dr. Yamuna Prasad,

Assistant Professor

 IIT Jammu

Synthetic Data Generation (SynD) Using Machine Learning Algorithm in Cyber Physical Systems

Design a system/ platform to produce synthetic data by processing personal data in Cyber Physical Systems

Dr. Parul Yadav,

Assistant Professor

 IET Lucknow

Securing Deep Neural Networks against Adversarial Attacks in Medical Imaging

Develop solutions for securing the DNNs deployed in medical imaging against data-driven adversarial cyber-attacks

Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi,

Assistant Professor

 IIT Palakkad

Reliable and Privacy Preserving Data Auditing for FOG assisted Cyber Physical Systems (FOG-CPS)

Design lightweight cryptographic protocols for data-auditing by semi-trusted local data-auditors to detect loss of data from local storage devices in a FOG-CPS system

Dr. Soumyadev Maity,

Assistant Professor


Smart Data Agent for Location Management and Privacy

Design and develop a “Virtual cyber proxy agent” software embedded in smartphone device

Dr. Harkeerat Kaur,


 IIT Jammu