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The C3i hub at IITK signed an MoU with HCL Technologies to collaborate on cyber security. The exchange of MoU focuses on a two-pronged approach, one that C3i will work on providing solutions to relevant problems being addressed by HCL and the other that the technology giant will be working towards commercialization on the technologies developed at the institute.



Under the Cyber Security Center of Excellence program, several short term and long-term initiatives are planned with C3iHub. To accomplish the initiatives, ColorTokens requests the services of C3iHub, IIT Kanpur under Cyber Security Center of Excellence program, which are broadly categories as follows: 

  1. Cyber Security maturity assessment and measurement including but not limited to technology, process, data, people and compliance capabilities.  

  1. ColorTokens may engage IHUB for Consultancy Services required for ColorTokens Cyber Security Platform in areas such as visualization at scale, enrichment and automation of enforcement reducing human intervention and making Cyber Security simpler depending upon the ColorTokens then current requirements. These may include but are not limited to Study/Assessment, Recommendation/Advice, Solution Design and presentations, Support for Development and Deployment, Training, VAPT/Red Teaming, etc) 

  1. Design, Development and Implementation of Models, Tools, Technologies, Solution, Scripts, Documentation, Approach Notes etc. in cyber security including but not limited to algorithms, web /cloud-based solutions, AI/ML models, APIs. 

  1. C3ihub along with its ecosystem partners will explore to build solutions and technologies and assist ColorTokens in areas of IOT, Robotics, AI/ML, and other emerging technology to improve ColorTokens’ Cyber Security solutions.


Cyber Crime Research Innovation with Microsoft

IHUB in partnership with Microsoft will carry out the research and development work to create a framework which will be TTPs based guidance toolkit for crime investigation and would help improve the awareness and enable protection against cybercrimes for more than 1000 deserving citizens, especially poor comprising of women, and elderly people who are direct beneficiary of direct transfer schemes from the Government of India and state government of Uttar Pradesh. 

Key Objectives are as follows: 
  1. To research and develop a cybersecurity framework similar to MITRE framework which includes Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (“MITRE framework”). 

  1. To develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all types of cybercrimes in the form of documents. 

  1. To develop technology tools to help support investigations, especially for law enforcement agencies. 

  1. Create awareness and sensitization on the same among deserving citizens, especially poor comprising of women, and elderly people who are direct beneficiary of direct transfer schemes. 

Key Outcomes: 
  1. To develop the framework and SOPs in the form of documents for cybercrimes like phishing, computer crime, cyber stalking etc. 

  1. To develop a technology tool to help support the SOPs primarily focusing on data and email analysis. 

  1. To bring onboard three state police departments for validating the SOPs. 

  1. To involve the state police units towards sharing their current problem statements and data required for building up the initial framework and SOPs during the pilot phase of PROJECT CCRI. 

  1. To organize awareness and skilling event for investigating officers and citizens of India partnering with banks, telecom operators and relevant government bodies to increase awareness and enhance vigilance among citizen especially poor comprising of women, and elderly people who are direct beneficiary of direct transfer schemes from central and state government. 


CySecK (Government of Karnataka Center of Excellence for Cyber Security) 

The Govt. of Karnataka has formed a Centre of Excellence (CoE) as part of the Technology Innovation Strategy to promote the cyber-safe and conducive environment for     industry collaboration, address the skill gaps, build awareness and facilitate innovation in this emerging technology field of Cyber Security. The CoE, branded as “CySecK” facilitates standardization and best practices for information security across industry domains, foster innovation, research & development and conduct some of  the high-end-in-house-training programs within Cyber Security Technologies. The CySecK runs an accelerator programme called H.A.C.K. for  cybersecurity start-ups. C3ihub is facilitating the successful execution of the C3ihub Project as well as H.A.C.K. to identify and nurture technology driven start-ups. Hub is acting as TIH (Technology Innovation Hub) and focuses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem which includes Incubation of the Startups & Spin off companies, Promotion and Acceleration of Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Seed Fund Programs etc.